Asia tour – Nepal


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  1. this picsss are very very nice asam

  2. good one!!!

  3. Hi Mr bertrannd anou your pictures are really amazing & rocking..i am very glad that our cities looks beautiful thank you very much for showing us the real nepal and asia …hope u get sucess in life

  4. all pics are great……
    good photography….:)

  5. Hi Ayuk, nice to hear from you, and thanks for your comment, may god Buddha bless you.
    Thanks Amulaya.

  6. nice one dude

  7. nice pictures mate……

  8. These pictures are fantastic!

  9. the real meaning of photography in not a photosession it’s just to show the reality in pictures, where picture speaks………. glad to see ur pics caught in nepal…. thanks visiting nepal..

  10. The pics are really awesome ^_^. Hope to see more stunning pics ;D

  11. awesome photoes,,,,,

  12. Salut M. Bertrand Arnou Mon ayan frère m’a parlé de Photos ur et vraiment elles sont fantastiques. Vous êtes un grand photographe .. J’espère que vous obtenez sucess dans chaque partie de votre vie .. et j’espère que vous l’esprit dun écrit en français

  13. Beautiful

  14. All i can say is « SUPER LIKES  » . Really awesome pics 🙂

  15. i can’t belive that the pictures of our country looks so preety and beautifull ..thanks mr bertrand arnou for most amazing pictures ,excellent photography thanks visiting Nepal

  16. Awesome Pics


  18. Nice…pics …but why does every photographer…when clicking these pics use the same angle??…these monuments should be portrayed in as many was as possible….

  19. Thanks to all !
    Sunil Bajracharya, you are right these monuments should be portrayed in different angles, but for that photographers need time… I should come back to Nepal and discuss with several Nepali people in order to to ask how they look at monuments and events and try to translate that with the camera.

  20. haha!!!Bertrand now u found some1 who is exactly like you …Sunil is very crazy about photographs since school !!!U should meet Sunil when u will come to Nepal hehe:)

  21. Hi Ayan,
    It would be a pleasure to meet Suncil and discuss with him.

  22. gr8 photoghraphy 😉

  23. aMaginG PhOtogRaphy cAn’T belivE…!!!!♥_*!!

  24. nice…..these pictures proves that our country is really very beautiful…..great photos….

  25. wow great photography!! I wish I could visit all these temples……..

  26. This is the great work, if you come to nepal then sure every nepali will help you. And you will be able to take others photos too.

  27. Very nice pictures,very nice photography.Well done. 🙂

  28. Excellent photography

  29. nice pictures!!! ^^

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