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TRIPs are widely seen as the result of concerted lobbying by some extremely powerful NCMs and national governments. For example, following her TRIPS study, Susan Sell concluded that 12 companies were the main players in TRIPS lobbying. [7] During the first phase of the lobbying process, businesses, especially industrialized countries, managed to convince their governments that better intellectual property protection is essential for their countries` continued economic growth and prosperity. These governments then exercised their disproportionate influence in international forums such as the GATT, in order to counter opposition from developing countries and transpose the multilateral TRIPS Agreement into international law. Epic Games Store has been criticized for enforcing this strategy. One scenario was that of Metro: Exodus, abruptly announced as an exclusive epic Games Store just before its release, even after receiving pre-orders on Steam. Its owner, Valve, criticized the measure as unfair to consumers, but said it would still satisfy and support the game for those who bought it before the exclusivity deal. [24] [25] To justify these complaints, there were allegations that the in-store customer, spyware, sinophobia (due to minority shares in the company owned by the Chinese conglomerate Tencent and which claim to subject it to the influence of the Chinese government and possible espionage), the lack of functions compared to the Steam leader (such as pro-game communities and cloud storage) and the submission of the PC gaming industry. to Exclusive stores reminiscent of those on consoles. The eighth generation of consoles was dominated mainly by playStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Microsoft`s Xbox One console has been criticized for not having as many « compelling » exclusives, with critics citing Microsoft`s weakest selection of first-party studios as a factor. [5] [6] [48] Microsoft has also increasingly prioritized dual versions on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One over full Xbox console exclusivity, and bidders for existing PC game console ports, which are exclusively in time for Xbox One.

[49] [50] [51] In addition, the company has focused on other distinctive features of its ecosystem, including the focus on bearish compatibility and its Xbox Game Pass subscription service.