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Gowtam Tinnanuri is an Indian film director and screenwriter. As a director, Malli Raava was his first feature film [1]. He is currently working on Jersey, a remake of his own hit film Telugu Jersey[2][3][4][5] from 2019. Later, when Dol Guldur`s troops attacked Mirkwood, Thranduil retaliated against an attack and had victory. His actions were in harmony with the dwarves and men of Dale against the Osterlinge who attacked from the East. He agreed with Celeborn that the southern part of Mirkwood should be considered an eastern Lória. Thranduil led the northern region to the mountains; The vast forest between Mirkwood and East Lórien was given to the Beornings. At that time, Thranduil also named Mirkwood Eryn Lasgalen, the forest of green leaves. [9] In the 1977 version of The Hobbit animated, Thranduil was spoken by Otto Preminger.