Athletic Trainer Written Physician Supervision Agreement

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To support these aspects of sports medicine management, NATA has established a template form repository ( so that athletics coaches entering a new environment are not forced to start from scratch. It is expected that this framework will develop and provide additional resources that promote consistency in the assessment of sports coaches in schools and institutions. (E) Apprenticeship must provide work experience in a wide range of sports. It includes training by a state-certified or state-certified track and field coach in the areas of injury prevention, emergency care, rehabilitation, use of modality, administrative management, and injury assessment. Track and field coaches must recognize that physicians are the superior medical authority.26 The athletics coach has an ethical obligation to maximize the well-being of the athlete and minimize the responsibility burden of the school. If the track and field coach is unable to document evidence of sufficient functionality to ensure the safety of the athlete, the track and field coach should raise these concerns with both the attending physician and the team physician. Whether the attending physician agrees or not, the decision on whether the athlete will return to the game must remain in the hands of the team doctor. The team doctor must be prepared to overtake the attending physician if he or she agrees with the track and field coach that it is necessary to limit the athlete`s participation status. (1) relevance of the purpose to increase or support the development of athletic training skills and competencies; (a) Starting with the biannual period that will begin with the next two-year extension after July 14, 2007, track and field coaches must meet the training requirements prescribed by the OTO.

(7) successful completion of online or distance learning in physical training or sports medicine. An applicant for a license to practice as a licensed athletics coach must provide the card with written proof that the candidate has passed the BOC Athletics Coaches test or an equivalent exam, as defined by the board. Institutions and schools should distinguish between the roles of sports director and team doctor in the evaluation process. . . .