Outline Agreement And Source List

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Select the framework agreement as a fixed source and select the framework agreement as the relevant « 2 » in the source list, then execute the layout. Valid until: These fields contain the validity date range indicating when a supplier should be the source of supply for the combination of equipment and installation. Alternatively, a set of source list data can be generated automatically for each set of information or any structure agreement by selecting one or more materials. Below is a basic sample of a list of sources indicating each of these fields: I have a source list that contains an entry for a certain combination of counters and lenders for a set period with a structure contract number. I receive an error message with the words « Source not included in the list despite the source list requirement » when I report to public relations for the same combination of hardware and supplier. The installation in the source list and the PR is the same. Can you explain why I get this error when the source is kept in the source list? I won`t get that if I put another entry in the source list for the combination of hardware, factory and supplier listed without a framework number. Please activate source determination in PR. n maintain the list of sources at the installation level. basic materials data. When creating or modifying a set of purchase information, a source list data set can be created. In the Info-Record screen, select Extras > source list of the menu bar, as shown below: Creating in a fixed purchase box: This license plate should be put if the supplier is the preferred reference source for the combination of materials and installations.

However, if mrP is executed, it does not automatically determine the O/L agreement as a source. The source is relevant to the provision. Contract The contract is a draft contract, and they do not contain delivery dates for the equipment. Contract is of two types: If you have checked the list of sources in the purchase view for all materials in the materials base, can it remove thro MEMASSIN several vendors in the source list? The purpose of the source search process is to automatically assign a source of supply to an order request. If the indicator has defined the source determination indicator in the requirement header, the system is looking for the possible source of supply for all positions of the requirement. If the system finds multiple sources valid for a single item, the decision-making process can be supported by a price simulation or a reference to data from the vendor`s evaluation function. A basic set of SAP source lists can be created as follows, which we discuss in the following sections: The source list identifies preferred sources of supply for certain materials. If the list of sources has been properly maintained, the source of a material and the period during which you can order the material from the source are identified.