Pi No Suitable Sender Agreement Found

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But the Channel Response channel says that « No proper channel agreement found » error. An operating system command specified here is executed before or after the message processing, which has been found in a version. The default is an empty chain (no command). The SAP PI architecture consists of several components used for design time, set-up time and execution. In SAP PI, the transmitter system is designated as the source and the receiver as the target system and architecture the Hub and Spoke structure. Spoke is used to connect with external systems, and Hub is used for message exchange. Synchronous communication is called by requirement and response procedure, and the output of the process is returned immediately after the process. In general, you can say that a synchronized scenario is when a sending process sends a request to the recipient and waits for a response. If an error occurs on the recipient`s page, the sender app is responsible for sending the message again. Network Error – There is an error in the communication network between the transmitter and the receiver. The sender is not aware of this and the message stays in between, and the sender waits for the time of execution. When I checked the communication channel at the RWB, he denounced the error: no appropriate channel agreement was found.

The extension agreement is good and the channel is good too. It`s a new interface. We also try to restart the channel, it goes again in the same state with the same error message. You create a sender file adapter if you want to send file content from a file system to the integration server or AEX. This only applies to files that are not playback alone. Hello Rajiv, « but if I sync interfacename in the agreeemnt transmitter, in the destination of the sound interface do not identify the mapping operation » For the sender agreement: So you have the same behavior with mine. Recently I tried D`Async/Sync bridge with Sync REST adapter not working. This blog by Alexey Pitroff also mentioned Async /Sync Bridge with Sync RFC will not work in which instead need to use the module on the transmitter adapter. See the comment in figure 26 of his blog. scn.sap.com/community/pi-and-soa-middleware/blog/2014/03/27/bridges-construction-site-part-13-asynchronous-Synchron-Brücke For the determination of the interface: In this second flow to OM_RFC2FILE, I use the synchronization interface of the 1st flow to determine the OM, you should be able to get a similar result this way. Check your OM again.

saprainbow.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/async_sync_2_id2_interface_determination.jpg Merry Christmas!! 🙂 Regards, Yee Loon SAP PI offers a wide range of adapters that allow you to connect applications of different protocols. In the case of the sender, the adapter converts the incoming message encrypted in the sending protocol into a PI-SOAP message. In the case of the recipient, the PI-SOAP message is then converted to the recipient`s protocol. SAP offers a netWeaver-based middleware, the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.