Sample Of Hospital Retainership Agreement

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PandaTip: You will find the specific payment details in the specifications attached to this conservation agreement. Remember that retainers usually include some sort of fee to « keep » the person for the provision of the services, in addition to an hourly rate for the provision of the actual services. They basically pay to keep that person « in the bank. » What is a retainer agreement? A retainer agreement is a contract between a company and a service provider that defines the details of a retainer agreement, for example. B the duration of the period of re-termination, the payments made and the details of the termination. Unless previously denounced in accordance with Section 6 of this Agreement, the term of this Agreement shall enter into force on the day of the last signature and shall last [NUMBER] months after that date, unless extended by the Enterprise before the expiry date. Either Party may then terminate such agreement by written notification thirty days in advance, which shall not take place until at least thirty days after the date of execution of this Agreement. With respect to the family retention agreement, the clinic requires that the extension of the period of execution of this agreement may be granted by the company, agreed in writing and signed by both parties during the term of this agreement. This extension shall be effected by an amendment to that agreement. Management expects all conditions of the retainership agreement to be met to ensure immediate access to the plan. We have two retainership guidelines for different categories. .

The Advisor shall promptly communicate in writing the existence and type of ideas, designs, devices, practices, processes, improvements and inventions (« Inventions ») that the Consultant has developed or actually reduced to practice during the term of this Agreement or within six (6) months of the termination of this Agreement, and communicate them in full to the Company when such inventions relate to a product or process; on which the Counsellor has worked during the term of this Agreement. . . .