Spectrum Video Services Agreement

By 8 octobre 2021 Non classé

This criticism is not 100% accurate. I also read some of the comments below, some people have bad experiences, that`s understandable. I live in Southern California and I have an ultra across the spectrum. My internet speeds are 400 Mbps. I`ve never had a problem downloading games to my PC or Xbox. I always easily reach 375 Mbps by downloading while other people stream around the house or surf the internet. I love my internet speed, and I suggest that people try their internet service. It beats everything Comcast (Xfinity), ATT, Frontier Fios or other companies have out there. I started when they were TWC, I can honestly say that since they became spectrum there, the TV service is the worst. This thing freezes again and again and asks me to « please wait ». I`ve had enough.

It`s time to have a new supplier. I painted twc/spectrum. They even make Dish look good. The best services and the best price. Oh and more contract 😁 I have internet service with Spectrum cable. My bill was $45 a month. 9 months ago, I added a fixed E-dollar that brought my bill to $68 a month. I no longer need the fixed network and I left it today. But Spectrum says my bill will now be $70 a month without a fixed network. Tell me how it makes sense? I will do my shopping and change the services. Looks like they don`t care too. Some of the Level 3 statements in this press release are forward-looking.

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